Is your business planning ahead? Do you have a plan for the next month, two months or twelve months down the road?  Is your message consistent? Are you dependent upon your media reps for branding and therefore have different messaging across multiple platforms?

The MYKM Process

A deep dive into your business:

  • Who is your current customer?
  • What do your customers want/expect?
  • Where can you expand your customer base?
  • What is your competition doing better?
  • What are your profit centers?
  • What are you currently doing for marketing/advertising?
  • What of your current marketing/advertising is working well?

A budget analysis:

  • Where are you spending your marketing dollars?
  • What percentage of your gross revenue does your marketing budget represent?
  • Budget recommendations.

A plan for the upcoming months, including:

  • Website content changes
  • Email Marketing
  • Print (newspaper/magazine/in-house)
  • Broadcast (radio/cable/TV)
  • Logo development (if necessary)
  • Digital marketing
  • Social media content and graphics
  • Video marketing
  • Direct mail


  • Create messaging and content
  • Coordinate with media outlets for design, production and placement
  • Manage deadlines with all media outlets

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