Strategy & Branding

Matching your marketing strategy and your brand across all channels is critical to success. All too often changes to one or both are not consistently implemented. MYKM can create the strategy, branding and execute it properly.

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Media Buying

With over 25 years of experience in media, MYKM knows how to purchase media in a targeted and efficient manner. Knowing what to ask for is critical in media negotiations; MYKM can handle media purchases across multiple platforms.

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Social Media

Engaging customers with social media is critical in today’s world. Knowing which social media platform is best for your business, and when/how to use it is key. The rapidly changing algorithms make many social media platforms challenging; MYKM stays on top of this evolving medium to give you the best opportunity to be effective.

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Email Marketing

Emailing your existing database can be an effective way to stay engaged and top-of-mind with your existing customers, but strategy is key. MYKM will manage your email marketing so that it correlates with other outbound marketing in a cohesive manner.

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Graphic Design

Maintaining a cohesive visual identity for your business is essential when you want to make an impression on your customers. MYKM can help strategize, design and print many forms of collateral such as business cards, ads, fliers and more to help promote your brand.

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Web Design

Having and maintaining a website for your business is vital. Whether it’s updating an existing site or creating one from the ground up, MYKM can optimize your online presence and help you reach more customers.

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Public Relations

Whether in a crisis or unveiling a big announcement, a strategy for public relations is critical. Often times perception—but not truth—is what ends up becoming the news of the day. MYKM can help you manage and present your information to the public.

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Sponsorship Sales

Non-profits are often faced with fundraising needs. Many create sponsorship programs, but don’t have the manpower to adequately spend the time selling. Contacts, prospects, and market knowledge is central to success. MYKM has years of experience and relationships both on and off-Cape Cod, and converts those relationships into fundraising revenue.

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Political Consulting

Winning elections is all about creating a brand and building name recognition. It’s essentially a marketing campaign. Victory Advisors, a subsidiary of MYKM, has extensive knowledge in every aspect of winning an election.

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What our clients are saying:

After hiring Judy and Make You Known Marketing the first benefit was more free time

The Riverway is a happy customer of Make You Known Marketing

With Make You Known Marketing, I no longer need to deal with dozens of calls, deadlines, salespeople and their pitches. MYKM’s organization, discipline and negotiating saves us money and keeps us within our marketing budget. They bring us new ideas, platforms and customers. As an added bonus, CEO Judy Crocker’s excellent reputation and years of professional networking provides her clients with solutions to problems that go beyond marketing and beyond her job description. When you sign on with Judy you gain a partner and ally, it was a great move for our business.

Jason Siscoe
The Riverway Lobster House

Partnering with Make You Known Marketing and Judy Crocker has been awesome.

Liquor 'N More is a happy customer of Make You Known Marketing

Partnering with Make You Known Marketing and Judy Crocker has been awesome. Since we started working with Judy our social media engagement has increased and we have seen tremendous savings in our advertising budget thanks to her negotiation skills and strong knowledge of the media industry.

Liz Patterson